Santo Dulce! brings a new artisanal dessert to Miami’s vibrant community – and it’s unlike anything else in Florida.

Handcrafted desserts in unconventional flavors have surged in popularity. Santo Dulce! taps into this trend, giving it a twist that’s unique in our neighborhood. We start by updating the classic churro we all love (made from scratch - fresh to order) and taking it to next level! We bend it into the special rounded shape that gives our signature treat, the “Halo,” its name.

The real magic happens when we customize the Halo with an endless selection of glazes and gourmet toppings to mix and match. For even more indulgence, the “Santo Sundae” features a Halo crowning a cup of ice cream - reckoning the mix of a warm, fresh, and crispy churro into a cup of vanilla ice cream - a heavenly extravaganza!


Santo Dulce! Is where quality meets innovation. Customers get a fun, creative experience by enjoying this unexpected handcrafted dessert in such a saintly way that seems almost divine.

Santo Dulce is where creativity and community are embraced and celebrated. Life is short, make it dulce!